“Prove your potential,” is a statement that I use as I consult with clients who have become a part of the ‘Making A Life Investment’ coaching program a program of Highly Recommended Int’l, Inc. a unique consulting arm of @ The Table with Gail. Gail serve clients located across America. “Potential,” I tell my clients is a state of mind believing that you have the gift to actually do it yourself. “Prove,” is the word I use to push my clients to demonstrate to the world their quality and worth by their mere existence. To “Prove your potential,” you have to move beyond talking and back it up with your actions of implementation. God is looking for some women who can and are willing to look within, think advantageously, and learn that you can make it happen. This is your divine assignment!

First, we must find what we love to do and allow ourselves to express who we truly are. “What makes your heart sing?” “What are you passionate about?” The more closely we operate in our ordained assignment we confirm our commitment to doing it and following through.

Planning Process for Business ~ Ministry ~ Nonprofit


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