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Since fully experiencing spiritual transformation, I have been able to let go of fear. I made the conscience decision to let God guide me and to take my hands off everything. I have been journaling more as I put into practice Lectio Divina that Pastor Gail guided us through during one of the sessions. I’ve been working through some of the feelings and thoughts that I’ve buried. I’ve been communicating with my spouse about those things and why I react in different ways. I’ve allowed myself to feel the emotions and now I’m picking my head up and moving forward. My work situation has changed. I was sworn into a role that I was afraid to take in 2014! I am taking care of myself. I’ve even had a more peaceful outlook on everyday events and haven’t felt anxious about anything. I am excited about where I am going without fear of the unknown. Listen, do not go into 2020 with the weight of life on your shoulders. It's gift giving season. Give yourself the gift of transformation by getting to the root of it with Pastor Gail as your coach. Reach out to her today and book a session. It’s life changing.

7 weeks

Ready to dig deep?

Ready to grow deeper?

Ready to get to the root?

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Not sure which direction to take?

God is speaking, but you're not sure how to respond?

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Ready to join Gail for one-hour of prayer instruction of healing, hope, and understanding fasting and prayer?

Transformational Prayer

Spiritual Formation ~ Transformational Prayer ~ Inner-Healing

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Prayer Ambassador

"This, then, is how you should pray..." Matt 6:9

Schedule your one-on-one or small group prayer coaching today with Gail Dudley. She is the author of five prayer books and workbooks, several prayer materials, host of prayer summits, and travels internationally on prayer missionary journeys, and has been called upon to teach prayer internationally. To schedule your session click here: Book-A-Session and check the prayer coaching circle.

Getting to the root of it - Gail Dudley

"Getting to the Root of It "


Ministry in Motion Int'l is committed to delivering Christian teachings, prayer journeys, and conferences for women and girls. Consider partnering with us by investing in this mission to offer scholarships for those who may not be able to pay registration or coaching fees. We are intentional in building the kingdom of God and pouring into the lives of women and girls around the world through our ministry.


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