Gail Dudley

Moving You beyond the status quo

The last five years I have utilized this plan I designed on a quarterly basis. The sample below is a view of the last four months of 2016.  When you have a clear visual strategic mapping plan you are able to stay on track. 



While reading the article 12 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Should Do In January in Forbes Entrepreneurs by William Vanderbloemen (Contributor) published December 31, 2016 I was excited to read item #2 which says, "Write down 90-day goals, every 3 months (and write down the results)." I could not agree more! As shared earlier I have been doing this plan for the last 5 years. It's now that I introduce this to you after perfecting this design. Without a doubt the 'Strategic Mapping Plan' will work for you, and help you accomplish much each quarter and each year. It's best to do this within the first couple weeks of January. 

This week only (March 6 - 10, 2017) ~ 10 slots available for a 30 minute Strategic Mapping Plan Coaching Call.

Prior to the 30 minute session please read the article found on LinkedIn by clicking here:

We will cover:
1) Taking a life-look back over the last 3 months. Identify what you have accomplished and areas where you struggle.
2) Begin mapping out the second quarter of 2017. 
3) Work through a list of questions. Not priorities, but actually being strategic in your plan. 

                                                   Investment: $45.00