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Ready to Release(also known as: Pray to Lose)
It’s time to lay aside the weight of life.

Here's the story:

Releasing the weight is saving my life right now. I am talking more than losing weight. I am talking about an absolute weight transformation from the inside out. Can I be real and talk about being wounded? The kind of wound that will suffocate you to your core. For me, my wounds pushed me to eating emotionally. It took a while for me to recognize what was really happening. I was battling a body weight issue when it was much more deeper than that. I had to first deal with the wounds that had taken place on the inside before I could deal with the outside. The more I evaluated my own stuff the more I realized how this fight was something I needed to get to the root. The battle began the moment I realized I had been avoiding the wounds that placed me in a downward spiral. I had been internalizing my feelings. I had been carrying around pain, rejection, and wounds, and that is when I started to pack on the weight.

I am not simply speaking of adding bad fat cells; I am speaking of the weight of the stress that was weighing me down. I was carrying around the weight of concerns, and wounds which were growing deeper by the day. Have you been there? Can you relate? Losing sleep at night, and walking the floors processing what was happening and why. I needed to pray. I needed to pray to lose the weight...the weight of life, which resulted in losing the body weight as well.

Why pray?

I started praying…heck…I was begging! I was asked God to help me get my weight under control and fast. The more I prayed I realized God had already answered. Honestly, I wasn’t buying His answer. I finally gave in once I heard His audible voice say,“Pray to lose.”

“Wait! What?” was my reply. I asked, “Did you say,
“Pray to lose?”

With clarity, I heard,“Pray to lose.” God made sure to clarify what He meant by showing me the weight of life and not by body weight. Honestly, that did not sit well with me. I wanted to attack these added pounds, but He had other plans. He wanted me to deal with the unforgiveness, the stress, the past rejections and wounds. For me, I didn't have time for that process. I had wanted to focus my prayers of having these fat cells disappear. However, it was deeper than that for me. I had to get to the root of it by laying aside the weight that hindered my forward movement, and so easily entangles. I needed to deal with my mindset, my emotions, and run with perseverance the race designed just for me. (Hebrews 12:1)

I accepted the call to get to the root and committed to doing exactly as God had instructed. Each morning I prayed specifically for my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, and each morning God gave me instructions. Immediately I noticed the change in my mindset. As my thought process shifted and the weight of life decreased, so did my physical weight. Within the first week, I had mental clarity, and I dropped a few pounds, and inches also decreased. My energy level was at an all time high, and I found myself sleeping better at night. I felt the transformation taking place. The added benefit was that my jeans no longer fit. They are too big. My bra straps are falling off my shoulders. It is not a miracle, it is that I decided to be obedient and pray holistically.

More than a relationship…it is being ready to release the weight of life for wellness transformation. I have been called for such a time as this to share this particular prayer strategy with you.

~ 49 Days (7 weeks)

~ Weekly YouTube video devotionals to keep you on track

~ Daily PDF journal downloads for 49 days

~ Private Facebook group community

I am not a dietitian, physician, or nutritionist. I am one called by God to implement prayer strategies. ‘
Pray to Lose’ is a proven prayer strategy that works.

"While I haven’t seen dramatic weight loss, I have seen, and others have as well, a difference in the way I carry myself.  My husband is convinced I’ve lost many pounds just by the way I walkJ.  I am more accepting of my whole being.  I have been seeing myself differently as I am taking a deeper walk with God through prayer.  He is showing me His love – He is LOVE.  As I get deep hurts healed in my heart, I am walking more freely.  I intend to continue starting at Day 1 again after the end of the program.  This is a “whole me” make-over, not just physical but spiritual and emotional as well.  I think it is a highly individualized program if you make it a program between you and God!  Thank you for all the guidance and direction you provide." Eva C, Bridgeport, WV (Group 3)

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“In spite of two heart attacks, diabetes, back pain, and asthma, I have never been motivated to take my health seriously until now. Gail has shown me how to look to God for motivation and strength. I am excited and hopeful! Each day God shows me how to let Him reveal to me the deepest and broken parts within that I have avoided and have kept hidden, which have led me to be unhealthy. I am now on a journey of wholeness that will result in healthiness. By the way: I am exercising for the first daily without back pain. That NEVER happens!” Lee Mandeville (BETA Group)

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‘Pray to Lose’ by joining the community and reserving your space today ~

Proven Transformational Prayer Plan

Weekly:LIVE devotional/coaching videos. These videos are designed to give you everything you need for the upcoming week. They are motivational, educational, Scriptural, spiritual, and transformational.

Journal/Worksheet Downloads:Each day you will receive a journal PDF along with Scriptures, prayers, and daily promoters.

Facebook:This private community will allow you to post what is going well, what challenges you are facing, and twice per week I will drop by with more information to keep you moving forward.

Hi. My name is Jamie Rohrbaugh. My testimony is shared here in this blog post. (Group 2)

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Get ready for the most productive 49 days of your life! Grow deeper in your conversation with God, and live the life God has ordained just for you.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.” Psalm 139:13-15 ESV

‘Pray to Lose’is about holistic health. This is about our relationship with Jesus. Our weight has everything to do with each area we will focus on during the 49 days.

“The first 4 or 5 days I was doing great set aside from the journaling, but now it is a struggle. However, it is not a struggle I am going to give into. I still love this and it is helping me commune more with God. The coaching and instruction given are more than helpful.” A. D., Ohio  (BETA Group)

Aren’t you tired of yo-yo dieting, and temporary lifestyle changes?  ‘Pray to Lose’is the answer.

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‘Pray to Lose’ by joining the community and reserving your space today ~

Here's some of what is covered during the 7 weeks ~

  • Inductive Study Method
  • Alignment with God
  • Negativity exercise
  • Prayer Box
  • Faith Portraits
  • Fasting
  • Prayer Positions
  • Removals of the Masks
  • Dealing with addictions
  • The importance of keeping a journal
  • The importance of water
  • Mindset cleanse
  • Laughter and Chocolate
  • 3 C's Critical. Comparing. Controlling Spirits.
  • ...and so much more!

“I desired to make some changing in my eating habits and weekly stand on doing nothing, but working, eating, and sleeping. Now I go to the gym three days a week. My sections of food choice have changed. I am learning to forgive myself. Plus reading the emails from Gail Dudley help keep me focused on my goals. I have lost 5lbs so far.” (E.C.)

Pray to Lose’is about experiencing the abundant life. This is a fruitful journey.

There is so much more than losing weight…This is your LIFE! Through this plan, God will help you release the weight, stress, worry, concerns, burdens, wounds, etc.

‘Pray to Lose’is the transformational plan to help you become aware of everything you do on this journey and beyond the 49 days. ‘Pray to Lose’ will allow you to identify triggers. This transformational plan gives you a road map that will help you connect all the dots. It’s a realistic journey that will be life altering. Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit.

"This Pray to Lose journey has definitely had its ups and downs. I literally needed a miracle to get rid of some pounds because nothing else is working and traditional methods aren't an option because of my medical conditions. So the fact that I haven't lost any weight is frustrating and disheartening. then it causes me to beat myself up a bit because I know that my main food-related goal was to become more disciplined about food prep and eat more. Some days, that happened, but many days, it didn't. I felt so accomplished on the days I got it right, when I pushed through exhaustion and went grocery shopping and cooked a few meals...I've tried to incorporate more walking into my days as well. Everything is complicated because I have Crohn's, though. So I have to figure out if I go walking, will there be public restrooms available along the route? Or do I even have the energy for walking??? So it's been frustrating...But what I've enjoyed is the going deeper with God. Mornings are really difficult, but I do love the quietness of that time...I'm a night owl, so I can get that quietness at night...except I've had to adjust my schedule to an early bird type in order to sync with the rest of the world...
Overall...sigh. Who can be mad about going deeper with the Lord? I'm not." (Group 2, Chicago, Illinois)

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“I had bariatric surgery and never met my goal because life happened. I picked up my old habits of eating trying to comfort myself with food thinking this would make me feel better. I am grateful to God using Gail to design and share, ‘Pray to Lose.’ Through ‘Pray to Lose’ I am learning how much I need Him in every part of my life, and how when something is off everything will suffer. Through ‘Pray to Lose’ I recognized this as emotional eating. I have to seek the Lord who is the only One who has the solution and stop using temporary fixes that caused more problems.” Tanya Palmer
(Current Group)

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‘Pray to Lose’ by joining the community and reserving your space today ~

“I had been sitting down and writing everything in my journal since I started this journey with ‘Pray to Lose.’ I'm starting to hear God more between the hours of 2:30-4:30am while I'm asleep. Yes, he told me to go after my dreams, which is serving as a sign language interpreter in the school systems. He told me that I needed a change from work within childcare centers. After God said that, there will be a phone call from someone, but just wait. On Friday of that week, after God told me I would receive a telephone call from someone, I had received a call from the Human Resources director of a school district asking me to come in for a job interview. Plus I have noticed all the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” (Brittany N. Lyles)

Ready to Release? Keep Scrolling...
‘Pray to Lose’ by joining the community and reserving your space today ~

"I  cannot put into words what I am experiencing and how ‘Pray to Lose’ is changing my mindset. This is mind blowing and on a spiritual level that is indescribable. On day 10 I noticed a looseness in my jeans."  MRO, Columbus, Ohio (Group 3)