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Ministry in Motion

Our Mission
Ministry in Motion International mission is to build ministry cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries and resources.

Our Purpose
Ministry in Motion International ~

Our desire is to equip and establish a network of women and girls to go and serve God's people across the nations by establishing 'Ready To Pray' prayer circles, serving internationally in multi-cultural missions, and by building women and girl ministries cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries, and resources.

Missionary Appeal

As God has been so faithful over the years, I have accepted the call to serve as a local missionary. I recognize my primary gifting and passion for whole-life discipleship, with intentionality around establishing small groups, developing prayer communities, encouraging women and girls, advocating for the vulnerable, and facilitating inner-healing workshops. Would you envision being a partner with me in life-transforming Gospel ministry that gives hope to the hopeless, offers strength to the weary, and builds relationships among the broken? 

Having had amazing opportunities to serve as a seminar leader, prayer coach, and soul-care facilitator, I have encountered countless women imprisoned by feelings of worthlessness, desperation, and deep-seeded wounding. Through God-encounters in those teaching moments through the sharing of biblically-based materials, the women were able to come away equipped, empowered and encouraged. Their life circumstances may not have changed immediately, but every one of them would describe how they are now on a track toward meaningful and fulfilling lives, having been inspired and equipped with the tools not only to live in freedom, but to in-turn help others in their families, communities, and workplaces. 

Women have been yearning for resources to assist them in overcoming their painful histories and traumatic experiences. As well, they hunger for ways to liberate their joy and to release their God-given ministry. There remains an underserved “mission field” to which God has called me to offer workshops and trainings, and to share materials based upon biblical principles that extend the healing hand of Jesus:

~ “What Do I See” Bible Studies

~ Monthly Prayer Encounter Workshops

~ Transformational Prayer Trainings

~ Missionary Prayer Journeys

~ Ministry-Equipping Sessions

~ “SAVVY” Transformational Weekend Retreats

Please consider partnering with us with your prayers, participation, and with your financial support to give women and their communities hope. To be able to look into the eyes of one grateful person at a time who, because of your kindness and generosity, has just moved from death to life is among the greatest joys any follower of Jesus Christ could experience.

There are three ways you can help.

First is with your prayers. I have been praying for a tribe of intercessors to cover us with prayers of intercession as we move forward. If this is your passion, please send me an email at expressing that you would like to cover me during this mission and I will send you specific prayer points to lift for us.

Second is with your participation. We will be hosting monthly missionary prayer journey workshops around the U.S., to which you are more than welcome. We are also committed to this ministry project by sowing seeds of books and resources to share with women surviving breast cancer, women in domestic violence shelters, and women being restored in human trafficking safe-houses.

Third is with your financial gift. However God prompts you to sow, your gift would bless this ministry incredibly! Please click on an amount here. We have planned two international journeys for 2018, one to Israel in May and another to Germany in September that would also be great opportunities to have an impact on our work. Additionally, if your preference is to sow monthly, please email us at and we would be glad to make the necessary arrangements. 

I’d love to hear from you and to know how God is leading you to connect with us in this movement. Thank you in advance for your generous investment in the lives of women in this area!

Gail E. Dudley, Missionary Prayer Journey 2018

Ministry in Motion intentionally partners with churches across denominations, organization and other ministries to challenge, equip and mobilize individuals and groups to become intentional about building ministry; regardless of, race, sex, age, demographics, status, class, education, language, disability, worldviews, and personal style.

Our Need for People like you to Sow Financially:
Many women and girls people we serve are low to no income individuals. We need funds to ~

1) Provide the Bible study materials in transitional homes, non-profit organizations who serve victims of domestic violence, victims of commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls,

2) Secure funds to help serve on missional prayer journeys, take supplies, Bible study materials, assist in our travel budget to include food, transporation, and lodging, and...

3) To provide scholarships, and printing materials for women and girls to attend seminars, conferences, intensive studies such as "SAVVY: A Transformational Weekend Experience" and our "Getting To The Root Your Wounds: Transformation Weekend."