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Ministry in Motion

Our Mission
Ministry in Motion International mission is to build ministry cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries and resources.

Our Purpose
Ministry in Motion International ~

Our desire is to equip and establish a network of women and girls to go and serve God's people across the nations by establishing 'Ready To Pray' prayer circles, serving internationally in multi-cultural missions, and by building women and girl ministries cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries, and resources.


Imagine being a partner with a ministry that is called upon to participate and facilitate missionary prayer journeys. Imagine looking into the eyes of a grateful person who, because of your kind donation, has just received a workshop on prayer instructions, and/or inner-healing coaching. So many people I have come across during my missionary prayer journeys had been feeling worthless, wounded, and stuck, but because of the biblical based materials presented they came away equipped, empowered and encouraged. Their life circumstances have not yet changed, but, if they could thank you in person, they’d explain that they are on a track toward victory. They are not only inspired, but have tools to help apply what was learned and in turn, help others in their family and in community.

I have been called by God to join multiple missionary prayer journeys in 2018. I serve as a facilitator, care-giver, and coach on prayer. We know that so many women have deep-seated wounds that keep them trapped in suffering and grief.  Women have been yearning for prayer tools and healing, but it seems that no matter where they look, triggers to past pain and trauma bring the grief to life again and women are held captive with recurring emotional shock.

The good news is that prayer and healing are available and it's time for women to be liberated to live whole and holy! Although many lives have already been impacted through previous missionary prayer journeys and workshops, there remains an under-represented “mission field” and God has called me for such a time as this.

The in-depth missionary prayer journeys and workshops include: training, hands-on exercises, and transformational prayer. The materials help them to build a stronger inner-core and the strength to rely on the healing hand of Jesus based upon biblical principles throughout their life journey.

Would you consider partnering with me in prayer and/or financially to give these women and their communities some hope when I am on the mission field? There are two ways you can help!

I need a tribe of intercessors to cover us with prayers of intercession as we journey. We have two international journeys. One to Israel in May, and another to Germany in September 2018. Plus, we have monthly missionary prayer journey workshops around the USA. If you are led, please consider sowing whatever amount God prompts you to sow. Anything would bless this ministry incredibly!

If you are willing to partner financially, here are three ways to send aid:

1) For a tax deductible donation, please make out a check to Church at North Pointe and mail it to 1491 Polaris Parkway, #81, Columbus, Ohio 43240, put in the memo section “Ministry In Motion” (or)
2) You may send a gift to me via Paypal by going to and send funds by using my email: (or)

3) You may click the red button below and sow into the ministry by becoming an investor.

If you are willing to partner with me in prayer, please send me an email stating that you would like to cover me during this mission and I will send you points to pray for.  

Thank you in advance for your generous investment in the lives of women in this area!  I deeply appreciate your donation!

Gail E. Dudley, Missionary

Missionary Prayer Journey 2018

Ministry in Motion intentionally partners with churches across denominations, organization and other ministries to challenge, equip and mobilize individuals and groups to become intentional about building ministry; regardless of, race, sex, age, demographics, status, class, education, language, disability, worldviews, and personal style.

Our Need for People like you to Sow Financially:
Many women and girls people we serve are low to no income individuals. We need funds to ~

1) Provide the Bible study materials in transitional homes, non-profit organizations who serve victims of domestic violence, victims of commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls,

2) Secure funds to help serve on missional prayer journeys, take supplies, Bible study materials, assist in our travel budget to include food, transporation, and lodging, and...

3) To provide scholarships, and printing materials for women and girls to attend seminars, conferences, intensive studies such as "SAVVY: A Transformational Weekend Experience" and our "Getting To The Root Your Wounds: Transformation Weekend."