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Ministry in Motion

The MIM Report from year 2013

Our Mission
Ministry in Motion International mission is to build ministry cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries and resources.

Our Purpose
Ministry in Motion International ~

Our desire is to equip and establish a network of women and girls to go and serve God's people across the nations by establishing 'Ready To Pray' prayer circles, serving internationally in multi-cultural missions, and by building women and girl ministries cross-culturally by connecting people, ministries, and resources.

2017 Year to Re-Launch MIM (Ministry in Motion)

Prayer Summit in Herrnhut, Germany ~ August 11 - 18, 2017

This prayer summit was an International convening of over 25 nations to mark the 290-year anniversary of the revival in Herrnhut. The Moravian movement came from this remarkable outpouring sustained 150 years of continuous night and day prayer and launched an unprecedented missions movement around the world! This historic movement has been held up as a model for community transformation that not only ushered-in the powerful presence of God, but also sustained a spiritual awakening for generations.

This prayer revival and summit drew together leaders and intercessors from across the globe to seek the Lord in united intercession, learn and experience the culture of Herrnhut, and to build relationships. The vision was not only to grow deeper with the Lord, but also with other ministry leaders locally and internationally! We gained a broader glimpse of God’s heart for the world and our state. I am grateful to have accepted the call to serve on this journey.

A large amount of time was spent in prayer, small groups, worship, and listening to the Holy Spirit. The discussions and teachings revolved around revival DNA and core principles that are needed to raise up the seed of Herrnhut and disperse it to the nations.

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Ministry in Motion intentionally partners with churches across denominations, organization and other ministries to challenge, equip and mobilize individuals and groups to become intentional about building ministry; regardless of, race, sex, age, demographics, status, class, education, language, disability, worldviews, and personal style.

Our Need for People like you to Sow Financially:
Many women and girls people we serve are low to no income individuals. We need funds to ~

1) Provide the Bible study materials in transitional homes, non-profit organizations who serve victims of domestic violence, victims of commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls,

2) Secure funds to help serve on mission trips by taking supplies, Bible study materials, travel, and lodging, and

3) To provide scholarships, and printing materials for women and girls to attend seminars, conferences, intensive studies such as "SAVVY: A Transformational Weekend Experience" and our "Getting To The Root Your Wounds: Transformation Weekend." 

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