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Getting To The Root Of It...

NOTE:You can purchase the book alone, but past participants who started the journey on their own decided to add coaching. It's your choice. 

​​​Abuse ~ Afraid ~ Assaulted ~ Broken ~ Divorced ~ Fear ~ Hopelessness ~ Insignificance ~ Lonely ~ Rejected ~ Scared ~ Sense of Loss ~ …

Do you want to be well?

Getting To The Root of It: Wounded, is coaching women towards healing utilizing a biblical process. Through one-on-one coaching, assessment, and scriptures from the Bible we identify areas for healing and freedom. Each session builds upon the other as we deal with areas they recognize as wounds. Each step of the process is a step to help you overcome the strongholds. This coaching is not a quick-fix, however, a process along with materials to help you become stronger over time. During the coaching session visions will become a reality with a road map and a support system to assist in becoming free and staying free. The in-depth coaching includes: assessment, biblical instructions, hands-on exercises, and transformational prayer to build a stronger inner-core and the strength to rely on the healing hand of Jesus based upon biblical principles throughout their life journey.

Participate in one of three ways:

1) Monthly membership 

2) Online Small Group Coaching (7 week, one-hour, session online)

3) One-on-One Coaching


1. Monthly Membership:

  • Lay aside the weight of life,
  • Deal with our wounds,
  • Identify prayer strategies,
  • Gain clarity,
  • Get to the root, and
  • Be free to release!

Includes monthly group call with Gail, monthly download/worksheets

Investment: $59.99 per month


2. Online Small Group Coaching:

12 weeks - One hour group coaching session

Includes Getting To The Root of It study

NOTE: You must gather a group of 3 plus individuals. 

Investment: $1200.00 per person (see PDF presentation below by clicking on the presentation image)

NOTE: Membership is not included


3. One-on-One In-Depth Transformational-Prayer Sessions

Getting To The Root of It Transformational-Prayer Coaching 

7 (Seven) 50-minute sessions


Book, worksheets, plus Who Told You That book, and seven 50-minute coaching sessions with Gail. 

Investment: $1597.00 

Note: Membership is not included


Special Offering: one time (50-minute session)

This session allows you to experience transformational prayer.

What's included: coaching call with Gail

If you find you want to go deeper the investment for this one session

will roll into the larger package (one-on-one).

Investment: $125.00

Note: Membership is an additional cost


NEW! Train-the-Trainer!

Due to popular demand I have now opened the Train-the-Trainer coaching session for anyone interested in becoming a small group facilitator for Getting To The Root of It. Once you are trained you will received a certificate and can begin facilitating small groups of 3 - 5 people. Email for more information.