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Do you ever find yourself believing things others have told you about your life, your walk with God, the church, or even how you should interpret the Bible? Have you lived your life based upon a lie that someone has spoken into your life? Pastor Gail Dudley's "Who told you that?" exposes the reality about some of those beliefs and assumptions. Genesis 1:1 reveals to us, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Over and over again throughout the first chapter of Genesis God declares, "It was good." It's all good! So what's up with the woman in Genesis chapter three? What in the world? She, like many of us today, allows others to whisper in our ears the lies of the enemy that, in turn, fill our minds with false information. Prayerfully this book will open your eyes, get you thinking, and lead you to ask yourself, and others, "Who Told You That?" It's time to expose the deception and to live into the truth.

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